Overwatch Year of the Pig is live; Go WHOLE Hog

Overwatch Year of the Pig is live; Go WHOLE Hog”

Overwatch's latest event, the annual Lunar New Year celebration, is now live with the release of a new update on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. From now till February 18, items from the last Lunar New Year events can now be unlocked at a discounted credit price.

In addition to the skins, Overwatch players are able to enjoy a festive Capture-the-Flag version of Busan, as well as previous Lunar New Year maps for Ayutthaya and Lijang Tower. Available legendary skins include Lü Bu Reaper, Guan Yu Reinhardt, Zhuge Liang Zenyatta, Hong Gildong Tracer, Zhang Fei Torbjorn and Huang Zhong Hanzo, while the epic skins are for Sanye Orisa and General Brigitte.

While Overwatch did not quite go free-to-play as an analyst predicted earlier in the year, the move was still made with a gaming marketplace increasingly dominated by free-to-play games in mind. It turns out that there is more on offer than simple cosmetics this time around, as we see the long-awaited return of Capture the Flag mode. The damage reduction has gone down from -5 to -3, and Brigitte, who gives Armor to allied heroes with her Ultimate Ability, now has her gifted Armor wear off after 30 seconds. With the new changes, this has now been reduced to three points of damager per shot. His Reaping ability that lets him steal health as he does damage has been bumped up from 30 percent to 50 percent. For example, Soldier: "76's Heavy Pulse Rifle will now do 16 damage per shot to armored opponents, up from 14 (an increase close to 15%)." said an Overwatch developer. Brigitte is a mainstay of the GOATS team composition and her Rally ability makes her extremely strong. "This change allows him to keep the pressure up while he's dishing damage to his enemies".

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