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Scientists expect cure for cancer in 1 year

The drug called as "MuTaTo" (multi-target toxin) now in development by AEBi under the leadership of CEO Dr. Ilan is essentially "on the scale of a cancer antibiotic-a disruptive technology of the highest order", which shall be the potential game changer against the world's deadliest disease "Cancer". Once the treatment is over, the cells generate cancer again.

The treatment will not be affected by mutations by using at least three targeting peptides on the same structure with a strong toxin. The experiment showed inhibited human cancer cell growth and had no effect on healthy mice cells, according to the paper.

A team of Israeli scientists is claiming that it has developed a medication that has the power to cure all types of cancer.

"Our results are consistent and repeatable", Aridor said.

As news stories hailing the discovery spread online, other cancer experts urged the public to approach the report with caution.

The team of scientist have also claimed to make the first-ever cure for the deadly disease as a cheap, effective with no or minimal side-effects. We've heard of cure-alls for cancer in the past that unfortunately have not panned out. This oversimplifies the fact that cancer is more than 200 different diseases, which behave differently and pose different treatment challenges.

Another doctor, meanwhile, told the Daily Mail that it's not likely there will ever be a surefire cure for cancer.

The treatment, known as MuTaTo, is said to essentially be a "cancer antibiotic" that boasts "disruption technology of the highest order".

Professor Justin Stebbing, an expert in cancer medicine and oncology at Imperial College London, U.K., told Newsweek that research at the Weizmann "is some of the best in the world".

It hasn't been trialed on humans yet, but has seen incredible success on animals. So let's be cautiously optimistic, I just don't want to provide false hope for cancer patients.

Dr Vince Luca, assistant professor of Cancer Biology at Moffitt Cancer Centre, echoed the concerns, saying that "very few peptide-based drugs have received FDA approval for oncology indications".

A cancer cell (white) being attacked by two cytotoxic T cells (red). More than 99.9 percent of the molecular processes within them are the same as the normal cells they originate from. Mutations in the targets - or downstream in their physiological pathways - could make the targets not relevant to the cancer nature of the cell, and hence the drug attacking it is rendered ineffective...

A lot of cytotoxic anticancer treatments aim at fast-growing cells but cancer stem cells do not grow fast and are able to escape the treatments. "Painful lessons have been learned trying to exploit drugs that do not target founding mutations".

If MuTaTo is successful, it has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment and give hope to the millions of people who are diagnosed each year.

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