Ash Wednesday Starts Today, Marking Start Of Lent

Ash Wednesday Starts Today, Marking Start Of Lent”

For those not familiar with Ash Wednesday, it is the first day of Lent and occurs 46 days before Easter.

Several local churches will be holding special services for Ash Wednesday.

St. David's Episcopal on 12 Mile in Southfield is offering drive-thru ashes.

Pictured top: Mike Scordado receives ashes from Fr. Anthony MacWhinnie, II.

Ashes to Go is part of a nationwide movement that has clergy and lay people visiting public spaces to mark the foreheads of interested passers-by with ashes and invite them to repent of past wrongdoing and seek forgiveness and renewal.

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So past year, the church held its first ever ashes to go event where 250 people attended. They wanted to start the Lent season right, but factors like long commutes, busy schedules and taking care of kids made them fearful they'd miss out on an evening church service. "I think it's a really interesting idea".

"I couldn't get any work done that day", he quipped.

"We want to make sure that people understand they are loved by God, " said Pastor Gina Jenkins.

Ashes will be available in the driveway in front of the church from 7 6 p.m.

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