Jamie on Game of Thrones: I knew his arc once

Jamie on Game of Thrones: I knew his arc once”

So that's it. Game Of Thrones is no more.

After much talk, dragons appeared in the show when Daenerys Targaryen walked out of a burning funeral pyre of her husband Khal Drogo.

However, following that descent into madness that saw her burn King's Landing to the ground, does Daenerys still have a shot at being Queen? But Dorne was largely an afterthought throughout Game of Thrones Season 8, relegated to a throwaway line in Episode 4, when the unnamed "new Prince of Dorne" pledges his allegiance to Daenerys from afar. The future of Dorne is a quiet, compliant one, for now.

Whoever is left digging through the rubble for the Iron Throne in the end, it probably won't be who you wanted, or for the reasons you hoped for.

If Daenerys is set to die, then Jon Snow seems like the most logical person to take over as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, since he is the actual rightful heir. Arya makes it out of Game of Thrones unscathed.

He believed Cersei when she said she would send troops to the North to fight the army of the dead (he was wrong). Or perhaps Jaqen H'ghar is only biding his time. And just as the Marvel Cinematic Universe brought long-arc television storytelling to the multiplex, "Game of Thrones" executed blockbuster spectacles for television, only for its cinematography to fall short at a crucial juncture.

I love the sigil for Bran's Kingsgaurd is a Three-Eyed Raven.

One of the darkest and most controversial primetime series ever made, "GoT" has been the target of criticism over the years for senseless violence and its repeated use of rape as a dramatic device.

"He'll come for me", Bran says. Whereas in the past, he was innocent of all the crimes he was tried for, this time, Tyrion knew he was guilty and was ready and willing to admit it. The Imp makes a rousing speech in favor of Brandon the Broken to become the next king.

We can also thank Tyrion for the disastrous Wight Hunt mission.

The emotional moment was just one of many throughout the finale with fans angry over the death of Daenerys. In Westeros, winters can last years, even entire generations.

Killing his sister wouldn't have been a great redemption plot either - Jaime had already walked away from Cersei and that could have been it if he had only stayed away. " Will it still be awful?"

The long-suffering Night Kings, still absent their team leader, continue the spiral to the bottom of the league with a mere 65 points, all from The Mountain. He plays a drummer for a band performing at the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey - in the episode nicknamed The Red Wedding. She was worthy of a far more gruesome death (burned at stake, eyes squeezed out of skull, eaten alive by dragon, torn limb from limb by vengeful subjects and feasted on in a courtyard). However, we wonder how the Night's Watch is still a thing, considering that the dead are finally dead? The double castle, built on either side of a pivotal river crossing, has always been one of the most strategically valuable locations in Westeros.

Could this mean Cersei will defy all odds and return for episode 6?

The season seven finale set an all-time USA record for premium cable TV with 16.5 million people watching live or streaming on the day of transmission and 15 million more tunings in later.

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