Kevin Durant KO’s Chris Broussard In Hilarious Ongoing Twitter Feud

Kevin Durant KO’s Chris Broussard In Hilarious Ongoing Twitter Feud”

Durant, who has missed parts of the Warriors' run to the NBA Finals, logged on to bash Fox Sports' Chris Broussard, who asserted that the Warriors' success without their star player was Durant's worst nightmare. Despite this, it has somehow become one of the biggest stories in sports over the last few days, with the FS1 analyst and Golden State Warriors superstar going back and forth on Twitter.

Things got a little overblown when Broussard said on Wednesday's episode of "Undisputed" that he and Durant have been texting for two-three hours straight.

Broussard also claimed he and Durant have a "love-hate" relationship in the real world to back up his claims. Durant took issue with that, saying Broussard doesn't have his number.

On Wednesday morning, Wade chimed in on his Twitter account by laughing at Durant's fiery response.

This is all obviously incredibly silly, but it is a bit curious that Broussard, a reporter, seems to be playing a bit loose with the facts. Broussard shot and posted a video in which he said he has over 60 direct messages from Durant on Twitter and Instagram since 2018. "Now, what he doesn't have a right to do is lie". "If anybody can prove that I was lying yesterday, then fire me".

So far, Durant has yet to respond to the allegations that he lied, although we're sure something is coming soon.

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