Stay Anonymous with Tor Browser, which Has Officially Arrived on Android

Stay Anonymous with Tor Browser, which Has Officially Arrived on Android”

The interface is as simple as it could be, and while features like the ones you typically find in browsers from Google and Mozilla are missing, it's important to keep in mind that the goal of Tor Browser is to keep your privacy untouched when browsing the web, regardless of website.

We have all been waiting for the Tor browser to bring their official app to Android and it is finally here.

The Tor Project announced version 8.5 of its browser, which comes with new features that improve usability, as well as the first stable version for Android.

The group behind the Tor browser believes that browsing is increasingly mobile, and numerous Tor browser users now need to be able to use the browser on their mobile devices, too. While some of the desktop features are missing, the browser offers a particular focus on security. "In these same areas, there is often heavy surveillance and censorship online, so we made it a priority to reach these users", The Tor Project says. The Tor Project said it made sure there were no proxy bypasses, and noted that first-party isolation is enabled to protect users from cross-site tracking.

For those unaware, Tor is a network technology that preserves users' privacy by concealing their identity and location by bouncing web traffic randomly through a far-flung network of servers.

Tor Browser is built on Firefox browser, so it feels familiar and there's tabbed browsing, private mode, etc. However, the browser can also be used for illegal activities.

Using Tor Browser, users can avoid government monitoring, ad companies, or bypass geographical blocking.

The Tor browser will however never see the light of day on iOS. Instead, Tor recommends the Onion Browser for iPhone and iPad users. He's not just one of our reporters, but he's also helping to keep the Three Zebras site up and running as smooth as possible for our readers.

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