Climate scientists document 'extreme conditions on hot day' in Greenland

Climate scientists document 'extreme conditions on hot day' in Greenland”

They used satellite images to plan the trip; however, when the dog sled reached the area, the team found that the ice sheet was hidden beneath a shallow lake.

The model relies on more accurate representations of the flow of "outlet glaciers", river-like bodies of ice that connect to the ocean.

"It is comparable to some spikes we saw in June of 2012", Mote told CNN, referring to the record-setting melt year of 2012 that saw nearly the entire ice sheet experience melting for the first time in recorded history. The country's melt season usually begins in June and runs until August.

The photo was taken in northwest Greenland on June 13 by Steffen Olsen, a climate scientist with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) located in Denmark.

On Saturday, the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang showed temperatures in some parts of Greenland peaked at 4.4 degrees Celsius above normal on Wednesday, the day before the photo was taken.

Because of the hunters' experience, Olsen said on Twitter that he and his team weren't scared they'd fall into a hidden crevasse.

But it is early for what's called "melt season" in Greenland.

Two newly-released photos of sled-dogs trekking across melted sea ice show the impact of weirdly warm weather in Greeland this summer. This is because white snow and ice reflect the sun's rays back into space, reducing the amount of heat absorbed and keeping the ice cold. But climate experts say it is early this year and the ice sheet and sea ice loss is already several weeks ahead of normal. "Normally we would expect these kind of warm melt events to occur later in the summer in late June or July so it is pretty unusual that it happened this early, though it's not unprecedented".

It is expected that ice melt this year will break the record of 2012.

This could have a major effect on sea level rise, an issue that could drive millions of people living in coastal communities from their homes.

That melted ice has has contributed to the more than 0.5 inches of global sea-level rise since 1972, half of which came about in the last eight years alone, the researchers noted, as reported by Business Insider's Aylin Woodward.

Total losses are estimated at two billion tons.

"Rapid melt and sea ice with low permeability and few cracks leaves the melt water on top", he explained online. If worldwide governments can not reverse the increase in global temperature growth, then ice sheets in the Arctic will continue to melt earlier and quicker each year.

However, many are concerned that one day, the cycle won't stop or even slow, as climate change progresses and winters become warmer.

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