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Stroke risk increases by 45 percent when working long hours, study shows

Stroke risk increases by 45 percent when working long hours, study shows”

Being first at the office and the last to leave may help get you that promotion, but new research warns that working long hours may not be so good for your heart.

Risk of stroke also increased with the length of time staff worked long hours, with those doing so for a decade or longer having a 45% greater risk of stroke than those who worked shorter days. To lower the health risks, the researchers advised adhering to the standard 9 to 5 week and eating a healthy, balanced diet.

People who work for more than 10 hours a day may have a significant risk of stroke, a study warns.

The long work hours were defined in the study as working more than 10 hours for at least 50 days of the year.

Researchers reviewed data from a French population-based study group started in 2012, on 143,592 participants. The risk was especially high-45%-for people who worked those long hours for 10 years or more. Additional medical interviews were conducted to gather information about prior stroke occurrences and cardiovascular risk factors. At the end of the study period, 1,224 (0.8%) had had a stroke.

A French study of more than 143,000 adults, published this week in the American Heart Association's journal Stroke, found people who work for 10 hours or more just once a week, for at least 50 days a year, are nearly a third (29%) more likely to suffer a stroke. This was unexpected. Further research is needed to explore this finding. "As a clinician, I will advise my patients to work more efficiently and plan to follow my own advice".

These studies found that business owners, CEOs, farmers and managers were less affected by long work hours, which the AHA hypothesizes has something to do with being able to make more of their own decisions and to exert more control in the workplace.

"These include long hours spent working leading to less daily physical activity, prolonged sitting, greater exposure to stress, and disruptions in sleep", Fonarow said.

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