BMW's electric dreams and New Look's disappointing performance

BMW's electric dreams and New Look's disappointing performance”

The hybrid has been dubbed Vision M and a vision indeed it is.

The number of 25 electrified models previously announced for 2025 will now be available as early as 2023, two years earlier.

We are totally hopeful that, the BMW Evolution scooter will be getting an elder brother in coming months or certainly by the end of this year.

When asked why the target was moved forward two years, BMW's head of development Klaus Fröhlich said "the decision to pull forward the production dates is simply driven by customer demand growing faster than expected". It might be called the BMW DC Roadster.

According to the carmaker, its ability to adapt to changing take-up is due to its flexible vehicle architectures for fully electric, plug-in hybrid and combustion engine drivetrains.

Will the inside of your auto ever look like the BMW Vision M Next? . Five clusters on the curved glass display are assigned to things like speed, battery levels, BOOST+ mode availability, and even the driver's heart rate.

PHEV models on the launch pad include a new petrol-electric 5 Series and 2 Series Active Tourer this year, then the X1 and 3 Series Touring in 2020.

From 2020, BMW plug-in hybrids will also feature a new eDrive zones function - smart tech that recognises green zones in cities that are reserved for emission-free driving.

According to BMW, the vehicle can go from zero to 60 in about three seconds and EV-wise, will have a range of 62 miles, which is plenty of miles to cover a daily commute or cover enough ground to allow you to run some errands. The petrol engine - a step up from the three-cylinder 1.5-litre turbocharged unit in the i8 - sends its drive to the 22-inch rear wheels, while the electric motor contributes power to both axles.

If you thought BMW's high-performance M division would slowly fade into history with the rise of electrification and autonomous driving, well, you're dead wrong. The vehicle has a top speed of 186 mph and an electric-only range of 62 miles. Hosting the exclusive world premiere of the BMW Vision M NEXT is the new NextGen infotainment platform at BMW Welt.

Besides, the Munich-based company also offers a view of an electric motorcycle. BMW is investing heavily in electric technology for its automotive business, but you'd have to figure there will be an electric motorcycle at some point.

The BMW Vision M Next concept auto has been revealed as part of a presentation outlining the Bavarian automaker's electrification plans.

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