Mysterious Freshwater Aquifer Detected Beneath The Atlantic Ocean

Mysterious Freshwater Aquifer Detected Beneath The Atlantic Ocean”

Under the undrinkably salty water of the ocean off the northeastern coast of the United States lies a enormous deposit of relatively fresh water, scientists have found.

"I found on the surface, it will create a lake protecting some 15,000 sq. miles", her group wrote in its report. It turned out that this just might be the world's largest freshwater source.

Due to the nature of the EM mapping technique, the results remain somewhat interpretive for now, but the team infers that the aquifer's freshwater cache likely runs all the way from DE (at the south end) up past New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and all the way to MA.

Their findings, published June 18 in the journal Scientific Reports, point to a vast reservoir of low-salinity water trapped in porous sediments under the salty ocean.

They found freshwater to be continuous, starting from the shoreline and extending out to the continental shelf. However, what the team of researchers does know that is at least spans the length of MA to New Jersey - almost 220 miles. And researchers estimate it contains at least 670 cubic miles of water.

"We knew there was fresh water down there in isolated places, but we did not know the extent or geometry", lead author Chloe Gustafson, a PhD. candidate at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, said in a press statement.

"It could turn out to be an important resource in other parts of the world", Gustafson says. The researchers have been able to map the area holding freshwater. The dotted white line near shore shows the edge of the glacial ice sheet that melted about 15,000 years ago. In addition, a tool towed behind the ship emitted artificial electromagnetic pulses and measured the reactions from the subseafloor. Saltwater conducts electromagnetic waves better than freshwater does, so any freshwater would stand out in the data as a region of lower conductivity. In North America, it prolonged by what's now northern New Jersey, Long Island, and the New England coast. So how did all this fresh water get there?

There are two ways all this freshwater might have ended up under the ocean, the researchers explain. Sea levels had been a lot lower, exposing much of what is now the underwater US continental shelf. As the climate warmed and the ice started melting, outflowing water formed huge river deltas on top of the shelf, and fresh water got trapped there in small pockets, eventually becoming submerged under the sea bed. This preserved pockets of "fossil water" in the seabed, and until now it was the standard explanation for any freshwater aquifer found under the ocean.

However, the team has reason to believe that the aquifer is still being fed by modern runoff from dry land.

Conceptual model of offshore groundwater. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that the aquifer is generally freshest near the shore and saltier the further out you go - suggesting its water gradually mixes with that from the ocean. Typical seawater is around 35 parts per thousand salt.

Key and co-researcher, Rob Evans, a senior scientist of geology and geophysics at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in MA, spent ten days at sea taking measurements, off the East Coast of the US.

This makes it, possibly, the largest aquifer known yet. This discovery could help mitigate the problems of water scarcity in arid areas that are on the brink of running out of water.

"We potentially don't must attain that on this dwelling, but when we are capable of point there are mountainous aquifers in varied regions, which could perchance simply potentially symbolize a helpful resource" in locations love southern California, Australia, the Mideast or Saharan Africa, look co-creator and geophysicist Kerry Key acknowledged in a assertion.

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