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12-Year-Old Girl Gets Flesh-Eating Disease After Swimming at Florida Beach

12-Year-Old Girl Gets Flesh-Eating Disease After Swimming at Florida Beach”

Kylei Parker and her family went on a beach vacation to Destin, Florida. After the family returned to IN, the girl began to feel pain IN her leg.

The family reached out to Kylei's doctor on the way back to Indiana.

Brown said that her daughter was in the doctor's office at home in IN with a concerning amount of pain by Thursday at 11 a.m., and by that afternoon, she was at Riley Hospital for Children with a fever, swelling and a red line running down her calf.

"They said it would take too long to get specialists in to see her, and wanted me to go home grab clothes and chargers and get to [hospital]". "I knew something was wrong". The pain became worse over the next few days, leaving Brown's daughter in tears.

The infection that resulted from the condition stemmed from a flesh-eating bacteria that affected large areas of her leg and had to be vacuumed from her muscle. "Her blood pressure was just continuously dropping", Brown said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Necrotizing Fasciitis is a rare bacterial infection that can spread quickly through the body and cause death in 1 out of every 3 cases. She had to have surgery to help remove the infection.

The next day, she woke up in more pain and could only walk on her toes. Rapid antibiotic treatment and surgery to remove the infection are crucial in treatment.

Writing on Facebook, Michelle said: 'I am just so thankful for the many prayers, the quick response and efforts of her medical teams and the aggressive treatment she has received.

People with open wounds or compromised immune systems shouldn't swim in salt or brackish water.

Kylei had a cut on her toe from a skateboarding accident before her trip to Destin, Florida.

Kylei's mother believed her daughter contracted the infection through a scrape on her toe, which was exposed to the water during their trip to the beach during their vacation. By the time they returned home, she had a fever and her leg was swollen, People reports.

Kylei has started walking again with the aid of physical therapy, and hopes to return to the softball pitch once she has healed.

"If this had gone unrecognized overnight or for another day or two, there's probably a high chance we would not be able to save her extremities or another negative outcome would have happened", Dr. Abulebda said.

"I had to put her on my back and carry her around", said Brown.

"A lot of the infections, we can treat in the ICU with just antibiotics and supportive care, but there are certain infections like necrotizing fasciitis that doesn't give you much time to treat, it doesn't give you much time to think", said.

The CDC recommends avoiding spending time in natural bodies of water, hot tubs or swimming pools if you have an open wound. It's important to always keep cuts or scrapes clean and covered with a bandage.

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