Total Solar Eclipse 2019: Know date, timings, other details

Total Solar Eclipse 2019: Know date, timings, other details”

The upcoming solar eclipse, also known as Surya Grahan in Hindi, could last for four minutes and 33 seconds. Millions of people in those nations will experience the eerie midday darkness of a total eclipse, weather permitting. It means people from only a handful of countries will be able to witness it directly. Surya Grahan takes place when the Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth so that the visible disk of the Sun gets covered by the Moon. Before it is visible over South America, it will pass over a few remote islands of Pacific Ocean.

The total solar eclipse will take place at 16.55 UTC ie 10.25 pm on July 2 in India. If you can't get to South America, you can instead watch the eclipse action unfold live online as the moon casts its shadow onto Earth. The moon will first appear to make contact with the Sun above the Pacific Ocean at 17:55 BST (10:25 PM IST). From there, the shadow will go towards east-southeast direction through central Argentina and will eventually come to an end just before reaching Uruguay. A partial eclipse will be visible to people in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and parts of Brazil, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela, NASA reported.

Chile and Argentina will be directly in the path of totality. The eclipse occur during the night according to Indian time, which is why Indians will miss it.

San Francisco's Exploratorium museum will host a livestream of the view from the National Science Foundation's Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile.

Tomorrow's solar eclipse is the first of two this year and the only total eclipse of the Sun in 2019. reporter Hanneke Weitering is now sending updates from Chile, where she will be "chasing totality" on the day of the eclipse, driving 90 miles (150 kilometers) from La Serena to La Silla Observatory in La Higuera.

The museum also has a dedicated app for the total solar eclipse on iOS and Android. Skywatchers in India can watch live streaming of the upcoming solar eclipse on YouTube here. The live stream will kick off at 12:23pm PST (12:53 am India time). Use only solar eclipse glasses to see the event and not the ordinary sunglasses or polaroid filters.

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