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Kamala Harris Labels Trump a 'Predator Living in the White House'

Kamala Harris Labels Trump a 'Predator Living in the White House'”

Kamala Harris to go after him on his past stance on busing during the first round of 2020 Democratic primary debates.

She said there's been a pattern of predatory behavior from the Trump administration. You walk behind me in the debate.

"I was prepared for them to come after me", Biden told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Thursday during a campaign stop in Iowa.

"It was about just speaking truth and as I've said many times, I have a great deal of respect for Joe Biden...but he and I disagree on that", Harris said.

"Part of the impetus of the conversation was the statements that the Vice-President made about his work with segregationists and that was the subject of conversation for days on end, so if he and his team weren't prepared for the topic I don't know what to say about that", she said. He said "busing did not work" in school desegregation efforts and the African American community in his state of DE "did not support" busing.

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Biden added that he is frustrated the debate was so focused on decades-old policy, not what each candidate wants to do going forward. "I've prosecuted the pharmaceutical companies when they preyed on seniors".

Biden said Trump has only given Kim more legitimacy and would insist the North Korean leader "show me something ahead of time" before more talks. He told CNN that 'our positions aren't any different, as we're finding out'.

The Biden campaign hit back by pointing out Harris' hypocrisy in attacking their candidate for something she apparently now endorses herself. They did not support it'. 'So what are we doing?

In an interview with "CBS This Morning" last Friday, Harris responded to criticism from Biden's camp that the contentious moment was a "low blow". "Do you think the American public looked at that debate, take me out of it, and thought, boy, I really liked the way that's being conducted?"

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