Details of the upcoming patch for Fallout 76

Details of the upcoming patch for Fallout 76”

Fallout 76 is still chugging along relatively well considering how poorly it was received, and the latest updates have at least reinvigorated the existing players even if they haven't turned the tide. The update will make things a bit easier on new players as well as making some improvements across the board. One of the biggest takeaways of the highlights given for Patch 11, which is due to be added in mid-July, is that it's set to help new and low-level characters have a smoother introduction to the wasteland after emerging from the Vault for the first time. Will players miss the challenge and the accompanying excitement from making new characters? Players under level 15 will be more resistant to disease.

With the 11 patch, Bethesda is studying a way to make Fallout 76 less brutal for new players, so that they stay in the game longer. In addition, we will replace the rewards of some initial challenges with items and supplies that will help the new inhabitants survive better. Creatures in Ash Heap, Savage Divide and Toxic valley are being balanced as well, so that players don't have such an intensely hard experience after leaving the forest. Now taking 50% longer to spoil, food and drink not only lasts longer in your inventory, but it won't prematurely spoil through fast travel any longer, Hallelujah!

Some quality of life changes include having legendary items and recipes fully display their descriptions. Crafting mods and recipes will see a full description of the item that will be crafted.

After Patch 11 you'll be able to activate Stealth Boys while wearing Power Armor. One area where Bethesda is keen to do a lot of good work is in Fallout 76's encounters.

Doing nerfs of this scale and in these areas basically means that when players leave the sanctuary of the starting forest, they'll run into far fewer encounters that are prohibitively hard, resulting in a much smoother transition from Fallout 76's starting area into the game proper. The full patch notes are expected to release alongside the update later this month.

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