Amazon Game Studios is Developing a Lord of the Rings MMORPG

Amazon Game Studios is Developing a Lord of the Rings MMORPG”

While it's a really tall order to bring the dynamic world of Middle Earth to life in an interactive fashion while also promising players new lands and creatures, we're excited to see what Amazon and Leyou can dream up.

The co-developed title will be released for PC and consoles and is without a release date.

Amazon Game Studios has just announced its partnership to develop a free-to-play MMO based on The Lord of the Rings.

Amazon is also now developing their first MMO game, which is titled New World.

The MMO is set in a similar era to the Amazon TV show; however, the two projects are unrelated.

For the MMO, Amazon is partnering with Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited. The game is set to deliver J.R.R. Tolkien's universe of hobbits, wizards, and dragons in a brand-new way, which should make some Middle Earth fans pretty happy.

Apparently this is the same game they announced past year, though the wording seems a bit odd.

In regard to their partnership, Leyou CEO Alex Xu stated that their "combined resources and expertise will result in a lovely and compelling game that customers will love and play for years to come".

Amazon Game Studio Vice President Christoph Hartmann is psyched to work on the game.

There is of course already a Lord of the Rings MMO, Lord of the Rings Online (seen in the screenshot above), which is positively antediluvian by MMO standards, launching 12 years ago. We also do not know when the Lord of the Rings MMO will be released nor which platforms it will eventually arrive on.

Despite the lack of connections between the properties, the new MMO will be set many, many years before The Lord of the Rings takes place.

Development is being led by the same Amazon Game Studios team behind New World, and a new team being assembled for this project will utilize resources from across AGS locations in Seattle, Irvine and San Diego.

There is no official title for the MMO now and it is unclear when Amazon plans to release it or how long it has been in development for.

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