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Few supplements have proven heart benefits

Few supplements have proven heart benefits”

The popularity of nutritional supplements skyrocketed in the United States over the past years, with about 3 in 4 people now taking them. Ironically, there's only limited evidence on the efficacy of these supplements or if they're safe to consume.

"Testing any diet or supplement in a broad population without acknowledging interindividual variability seems like a recipe for failure, especially because most trials are not randomized, are not of sufficient duration, or do not have enough hard outcome events", Pandey and Topol concluded.

Researchers studied data from roughly 300 nutritional studies involving almost a million people.

Folic acid showed some protective benefit for stroke.

The research did find that omega-three fatty acids - commonly found in fish oil - reduced the chance of heart assaults and coronary heart disease.

"This analysis further reveals that despite in-depth sales and use of various dietary supplements, there's a lack of scientific proof supporting the usage of many dietary supplements", stated Dr. Bruce Y. Lee, an affiliate professor of worldwide health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who was not concerned with the analysis.

The researchers found that taking multivitamins, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, folic acid, and iron did not significantly protect against cardiovascular problems and early death.

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Some supplements may even cause potential harm.

Supplements combining calcium and vitamin D appeared to increase the risk of having a stroke by 17 per cent.

"Calcium plus vitamin D can increase calcium content in the blood and increase calcium deposition in blood vessels", says Khan. That's because there's a little body of knowledge and high-quality evidence that diets are really heart-healthy. They also noted that following a Mediterranean diet, reducing saturated fat intake, modifying fat intake, reducing dietary fat intake, and increasing the quantity of dietary omega-3 and omega-6 were not beneficial. For instance, eating less salt may reduce the risk of premature death in people with a normal, although only with moderate certainty. A reduction in salt intake, which reduces blood pressure, was found to reduce mortality rates in all patients. "This is something that can be backed up with logic because there is a sufficient amount of data, in various studies, that shows low salt intake basically improves hypertension, which directly influences the cardiovascular outcome".

Satjit Bhusri, MD, a cardiologist with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, argues that "more powerful, diet specific trials" have demonstrated heart-protective gains from the Mediterranean diet. The diet is renowned and popular for its promise to reduce the risk of various ailments, including cardiovascular disease.

Overall, a well-balanced diet is still the best way to provide the body with the needed nutrients and vitamins.

More than half of adults report utilizing dietary supplements; however, the new analysis advises that the majority of nutritional vitamins and minerals do not do anything for heart health.

Can supplements and dietary interventions protect the heart?

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