Metal straw death: Elena Struthers-Gardner killed as straw impaled brain

Metal straw death: Elena Struthers-Gardner killed as straw impaled brain”

The coroner warned reusable, eco-friendly metal straws should never be used in a way that fixes them in place; Struthers-Gardner's straw had been fixed in a screw-top lid on a mason jar. During the fall, the 10-inch stainless-steel straw entered her left eye socket and punctured her brain, according to USA Today.

In a statement read by the corner, Mandy said: "I went to the kitchen door and could see Lena lying on her front at the doorway between the den and the kitchen. Her glass cup was lying on the floor still intact and the straw was still in the jar", she said Monday. She was impaled by the straw, which caused a fatal traumatic brain injury. "I called 999 and requested an ambulance", she said. The lady on the phone asked me to turn her over. I could see it had gone through her left eye'.

She had been drinking half-a-litre of vodka mixed with orange juice a day from the mason jar with the metal straw - which had been a birthday gift.

The following day, her life support machine was switched off.

According to her wife, Mrs-Struthers-Gardner was prone to collapsing "like a sack of potatoes" at random intervals due to her condition and had become alcohol-dependant after reductions in her pain medication.

The 60-year-old was a retired jockey and had mobility difficulties stemming from a horse-riding accident.

Eco-friendly metal straws have been all the rage after several U.S. states enacted bans against single-use plastic straws, but a tragedy in the United Kingdom might have some consumers thinking twice.

She begged the coroner to consider issuing a warning to the public about the hazardous nature of metal eco straws.

Elena's brother Robin said the straws can "very easily be lethal" - adding: "Even if they don't end a life they can be very unsafe". Millions of people with disabilities need straws to drink for reasons including muscle weakness or paralysis, swallowing problems or involuntary movements.

What followed was a series of public conservation campaigns, encouraging people and companies to ditch their plastic straws in favour of metal, bamboo or paper alternatives.

Mandy warned the popular metal straws posed a danger to the mobility challenged and children.

Struthers-Gardner's brain stem, which controls breathing, was damaged by the metal straw.

Assistant Coroner Brendan Allen said, "There is insufficient evidence to explain how Lena came to fall".

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