Outrage over Arizona man who killed teen for listening to rap music

Outrage over Arizona man who killed teen for listening to rap music”

Police say at about 1:45 a.m. local time Elijah Alamin was inside a convenience store when the suspect, Michael Adams, 27, came up behind him and stabbed him on the right side of the throat. Elijah Al-Amin had gotten off of work late Wednesday night and had visited his girlfriend before stopping at the store on his way home when he encountered Michael Paul Adams.

Court papers state Adams identified his previous attackers as black, Latino, and Native American, and that he believes individuals who listen to rap music are "a threat to him and the community".

According to court documents obtained by AZ Central, Adams told police that Elijah did not provoke the attack, and that he killed the teen because he was listening to rap music and he wanted to be "proactive rather than reactive".

A modest makeshift memorial outside the convenience store where Al-Amin was stabbed was still erected on Tuesday, with a pair of white porcelain angels, fresh flowers and burning calendars - including one dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Catholic patron saint of Mexico.

Adams told a detective that he stabbed Al-Amin in the back and cut his throat, according to the statement.

According to, Adams attorney Jacie Cotterell is already mounting a defense that he committed the act due to mental illness, but the Arizona Department of Corrections has issued a statement indicating that Adams "was not designated seriously mentally ill".

In video obtained by KPNX, Adams' attorney Jacie Cotterell argued in court that the attack was "a failing on the part of the Department of Corrections", and said that despite symptoms of mental illness, "multiple prior felonies and a history of potentially unprovoked unsafe behavior", Adams was released into the community without medication or support.

She claims the department of corrections failed "Elijah with no resources or psychiatric help even though he had a past of severe mental illness". As of Monday, the suspect is being held in a Maricopa County jail on a $1 million bond and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in court on July 15.

In subsequent filings, Adams, who is white, admitted that Al-Amin hadn't done "anything to threaten" him.

No public defender has been appointed. "He loved rap artists", she said. "He's so compassionate and caring, so caring about everyone". Al-Amin was to turn 18 and begin his senior year of high school in a few weeks.

Areanna Ivery worked with Elijah at Taco Bell for a year.

"I understand what he did was bad", she said, according to the station. He loved music and working.

"I got a call from [Al-Amin's] father, saying, 'Something'g wrong, this is not like Elijah, he's not home yet, '" Elijah's mother Serina Rides said. "I was so proud of him". My son's never been in any gang in any affiliation with anything. He's a good baby. "I just had a feeling that something wasn't right".

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