Ross Perot Gave Bernie Sanders a Sword

Ross Perot Gave Bernie Sanders a Sword”

Election experts and scholarly research, however, has challenged that theory: The New York Times found Perot's effect on the outcome of the election "appears to have been minimal", and The Washington Post reported Clinton would have still won by a large margin if Perot hadn't run. GM bought the company in 1984, making Perot a billionaire, and though his relationship with the vehicle company soured, he went on to have more success with Perot Systems, another IT services provider, and in projects with figures like Steve Jobs.

To many in the GOP, President George H.W. Bush was the symbol for a Republican Party of the past - out of tune with the rising religious right, broken promises like supporting new taxes, and supportive of Wall Street in free trade deals.

Perot Jr's father, Ross Perot Sr., died on July 9 at the age of 89. One year, Perot made his annual sales quota in just two weeks.

Forbes magazine this year estimated Perot's wealth at $4.1 billion.

Perot first attracted attention beyond business circles by claiming that the US government left behind hundreds of American soldiers who were missing or imprisoned at the end of the Vietnam War. The tale was turned into a book and a movie. "After a long meeting, Mr. Perot told me that if I could raise $1.5 million, he would give the remaining $500,000".

Perot became a billionaire in the 1980s after selling his data processing business to General Motors.

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Perot continued to speak out about federal spending for many years. He won attention for his quip about "the giant sucking sound", referring to the alleged loss of United States jobs to Mexico. This was on the very eve of the Iranian Revolution, and Perot reportedly helped orchestrate a riot by supporters of the Ayatollah Khomeini outside the prison, leading to the escape of more than 11,000 inmates, including his two employees.

Perot said he left the race due to threats toward his daughter's reputation and wedding.

Perot in 1992: Perot attracted attention to his 1992 campaign as a populist folk hero figure, sinking his own money into advertising and refusing to take donations over five dollars.

Perot had little success in his second campaign, in 1996.

There's a good chance that there never would have been a Clinton presidency. But Perot made his mark in politics, raising issues that would later be adopted by the Tea Party and possibly carving a path for another Washington outsider businessman to mount a credible campaign for the White House.

But Perot went further than other politicians to use evening cable news as a venue to lay out his case (sound familiar yet?). This meant work could be accomplished faster, more efficiently and effectively, unleashing American business productivity and the innovation economy. "I ask that all Texans join Cecilia and me in remembering one of the Lone Star State's greatest sons and keep him and his family in their prayers".

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