Couple claims clinic implanted their embryo in wrong woman

Couple claims clinic implanted their embryo in wrong woman”

A bungled IVF treatment - which led to a NY woman unknowingly giving birth to the babies of two couples who were complete strangers - has been branded the "worst embryo-related tragedies in history".

The "heartbreaking" mix-up over a bungled IVF treatment given to a Queens woman - which led her to give birth to two strangers' babies - was worse than previously known.

Last week, the New York City woman and her husband also sued CHA Fertility, saying doctors there transferred the wrong embryos when they underwent in vitro fertilization past year. The couple were confused, as only one of the eight embryos was male.

The "heartbreaking" mix-up originally occurred in August previous year when the embryos of three separate couples, who were all being treated at the Los Angeles CHA Fertility Center on the same day, were implanted into the wrong women.

The Manukyans say they now realize the two embryos that were implanted in Anni by CHA could not have been their own since one was actually given to the NY woman-who unwittingly became their surrogate.

"They knew the day the babies were born because they had apparently called CHA and told them, okay we're Asian and these children are white, they're Caucasian". According to the lawsuit, after an "expensive" legal battle that took more than a month, a judge granted them custody of the child and the Manukyans were able to return to California in May with their baby.

According to the lawsuit, the couple was forced to give custody of each child to their biological parents, who are also clients of CHA Fertility Center.

"CHA robbed me of my ability to carry my own child-my baby boy-and to be with him in his first couple moments of his life", Anni Manukyan said at a news conference, tears streaming down her face. "Our goal as a family is to hold CHA accountable and make sure that no one ever suffers like we did".

Anni revealed in video shared by their lawyers Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane on YouTube, that it only emerged that Alec had been born after they were asked to come into the centre for cheek swabs on April 11, which at the time was passed off as a routine procedure. The next day, they learned the stunning news.

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The couple accused the clinic of covering up its mistake until the twins were born and it was clear they were not of Asian descent like their parents-and a DNA test confirmed they were not the biological parents.

In a shock twist, Anni later learned she had been inseminated with an embryo belonging to a third couple who were clients of the clinic - but CHA has no idea who.

Adam Wolf, an attorney representing the couple, told AFP that the mix-up was "one of the worst fertility center tragedies I have ever seen".

The New York couple, identified as A.P. and Y.Z., also filed a lawsuit against CHA Fertility Center on July 1, 2019, after a DNA test found that the two baby boys A.P. gave birth to were not a genetic match to the couple or to each other, CNN reported. It follows one filed by the NY couple involved in the mix-up, who said they first raised the alarm after an ultrasound tech told the couple they were expecting twin boys, despite them choosing to unfreeze two female embryos.

The clinic has not responded to multiple requests from PEOPLE for comment.

The couple said they hired lawyers and flew to NY, where they say they learned that Y.Z. and A.P. wanted to keep both babies.

They said they had chosen the clinic after being assured it was one of the top centres in the country.

The New York couple, who chose to remain anonymous to limit the "embarrassment and humiliation", are also suing the clinic for medical malpractice, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, misconduct, breach of contract and other issues.

The Manukyans, who were married in 2007, said that in March 2011, an embryo transfer had resulted in the birth of their daughter.

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