Fortnite Fortbyte 5: dance club with Laid Back Shuffle emote location

Fortnite Fortbyte 5: dance club with Laid Back Shuffle emote location”

Fortbyte 5 is "accessible by using the Laid Back Shuffle Emote inside a Dance Club".

If you've been collecting all of the Fortbytes from Season 9 so far, then finding the latest Fortbyte should give you the number required to unlock the Singularity skin.

Yesterday's Fortbyte challenge was Fortbyte 34 - Found between a fork and knife. That's a good question. In this mini-guide we show you its exact location on the map, explaining how to get it. This time we're looking inside a Fortnite dance club, and it's actually quite the cool destination, and you can certainly trust us as a real authority on trendiness. After doing that, Fortbyte 5 will be located on the dance floor within the dance club itself.

Fortbytes are a series of 100 collectible computer chips that are available as part of the season 9 Battle Pass. Unfortunately, it isn't unlockable until Battle Pass Tier 95, so if you haven't been playing much this season, you might be a bit behind. Thankfully our Weekly Challenges cheat sheets should help you earn a little bit of extra XP.

Speaking of keeping your challenges up to date, you'll need to have done plenty of grinding and almost maxed out your Battle Pass to get the cosmetic you need to unlock Fortnite Fortbyte 5. Once inside you'll see a piece of Fortbyte hanging out among the colored lights on the dance floor.

As long as you use the proper Emote, Fortbyte 5 will unlock and you can add it to your collection and potentially unlock the Singularity Skin.

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