France says Javelin missiles found in Libya were 'unusable'

France says Javelin missiles found in Libya were 'unusable'”

Authorities said Wednesday Libyan government forces have discovered multiple us -made Javelin anti-tank missiles in rebel hands, prompting new concern about covert and illegal arm sales.

Confirming a report in the New York Times, the French defence ministry said it had purchased the US-made Javelin missiles that were subsequently discovered at a camp south of Tripoli.

It added the missiles were "broken and unusable" and "being briefly stocked at a depot before their destruction". They targeted Chadian opposition forces combating in opposition to the LNA within the south.

Mohammed Qununu a GNA military spokesman had previously said the seized weapons had markings on the missiles' shipping containers stating that they belonged to the "Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates".

Th French government said it never meant to pass the missile to any group in Libya.

But there were unanswered questions about whether French troops were present when the base was overrun, she said.

"The arms embargo must be implemented to prevent a further escalation", she said.

France has consistently denied arming Gen Haftar's forces, but has provided diplomatic toughen.

But he has been branded a warlord and dictator-in-the-making by his opponents and on April 4 he launched an offensive on Tripoli seeking to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj.

France has publicly called for the United Nations arms embargo to be enforced, while an European Union naval mission off the Libyan coast called Operation Sophia is trying to stop the flow of foreign weapons into the conflict.

The Libyan conflict has drawn in a range of regional and global actors who are all competing for influence. The U.N., the United States, and the European Union have urged Haftar to stop his latest offensive, launched in April to take Tripoli from the internationally-recognized government and engage in peace negotiations, to no avail.

Gen Haftar's LNA has lengthy had the toughen of Egypt and the UAE, but now additionally counts Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia amongst his backers.

In May, it posted pictures showing the arrival of Turkish BMC Kirpi armoured vehicles at Tripoli port.

He invited Haftar along with Sarraj to a peace conference in Paris in 2017 which was seen as giving the rebel commander global legitimacy for the first time.

Haftar's foreign supporters believe the warlord can bring stability to Libya and defeat the jihadi groups that have taken root in the North African country, which has descended into chaos since the US -backed overthrow of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

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