Zoom releases patch after report reveals flaw left Mac webcams exposed

Zoom releases patch after report reveals flaw left Mac webcams exposed”

This link allows Zoom to begin a video call through their app - even if the receiver has not accepted.

Jonathan Leitschuh, 25, a software engineer at Gradle in the Boston area, investigated how Zoom's client software automatically opens on a Mac after someone clicks a meeting link in a browser window.

Leitschuh wrote that Zoom had didn't heed his warnings for months and only implemented a partial fix on the last minute, whereas the company told ZDNet on Monday the technique was an "official resolution to a poor user experience" in because of adjustments in Safari 12 (namely, a privacy protection feature that forced users to verify they actually wished to launch Zoom).

In a more detailed public statement, Zoom said admins and users will be able to turn off video if they configure their client video settings, and that preferences from their first Zoom meeting will be saved once they apply its July update.

"There was certainly some friction in terms of his characterization of the vulnerability", Zoom's CISO, Richard Farley, tells Information Security Media Group.

The researcher says he contacted Zoom on March 26, giving the company a public disclosure deadline of 90 days.

This will result in killing the hidden web server off entirely, although of course it will come back if you reinstall or update the Zoom app.

The vulnerability affects Apple Macs upon which Zoom video-conferencing software has been installed, although Zoom updated the software yesterday to make it harder to abuse, the report said. "We are stopping the use of a local web server on Mac devices", the company said.

That revelation drew surprise and criticism, including from Jake Williams, a former operator with the National Security Agency's Tailored Access Operations unit and founder of Rendition Infosec, a security consultancy in Atlanta.

A Zoom spokesperson told Forbes, however, that it had begun analyzing the problem within 10 minutes of learning about it, and that the ability to have one-click access to join videoconferencing calls was meant to address poor user experiences for those running Apple's Safari 12 web browser.

Zoom also told BuzzFeed News that it doesn't even plan to add a dialog window to simply ask users if they would like to join a meeting after clicking an invite link. But the workaround is considered questionable even though software vendors other than Zoom have implemented it.

"A very poor decision by the folks at Zoom", he added. But it fell under heavy criticism, and Zoom reversed the decision on Tuesday. The first part, which is available now from the company's download page, "completely" removes the local web server from the Mac once the client app is updated.

We consciously enabled the ability to have meeting joins initiated from within an iframe on a webpage.

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