Nintendo announces Switch Lite at $199.99, will hit the market in September

Nintendo announces Switch Lite at $199.99, will hit the market in September”

It was said that Nintendo is going to either release the Switch Mini or the Switch XL but, this doesn't mean that the Switch XL is definitely not happening. This brand-new version of the Nintendo Switch is a much more portable version of their latest console and it's geared towards people who are on the go. While the 2017 model manages to get somewhere between 2.5 and 6.5 hours of battery life, the Switch Lite manages to eek out an extra half hour on both sides, ranging from 3 hours to 7 hours.

GameSpot is reporting that, as per the official Nintendo specs for the two systems, the Nintendo Switch Lite actually boasts a longer battery life than the original Switch.

If you're really out for something special, you can also purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition.

Of course, you can buy Joy-Con controllers or the more traditional Nintendo Switch Pro controller separately.

At the bottom of the article you will find the image of the render made by the American designer, but first we remind you that Nintendo Switch Lite will be available here in Italy starting from September 20th of this year at a price that, to listen to the rumours offered from GameStop, it should be 219.98 euros. Bear in mind that the Joy-Cons of this portable version aren't a thing; the controls are integrated into the system itself.

It's unclear from the FCC filing when we can expect to see these tweaked Nintendo Switch console hitting shelves worldwide.

Nintendo recently revealed the Nintendo Switch Lite, a smaller and cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo increased its annual outlook for sales of Switch games from 100 million to 110 million. The Switch Lite will arrive on 9/20 and it'll launch with an MSRP of $199.

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