French Scientists Uncover Bone of Largest Dinosaur Ever

French Scientists Uncover Bone of Largest Dinosaur Ever”

This dinosaur became widespread in the late Jurassic period, along with other similar creatures like the Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus and Diplodocus. The thigh bone had present in Charente, a 140 million-year-old area that previously has been a treasure trove for scientists.

This femur is two metres long, bigger than the average human male! Allain said they were especially amazed by the state of preservation of the femur.

In an interview performed at Scoopsquare24 by Ronan Allain, a paleontologist on the Nationwide Museum of Historical past in Paris stated that "This is a huge discovery". Bones of stegosauruses and a herd of ostrich dinosaurs have been found, Le Parisien reports.

He added that the finding is "very rare" because fossils this large tend to collapse or fragment.

These reptiles were the largest of all dinosaurs and the largest land animals that have ever lived, they had a small head on a long neck and a very long tail.

The dinosaurs would have weighed 40 to 50 tons, Allain told Reuters.

Scientists at the site near the city of Cognac have found more than 7,500 fossils of more than 40 different species since 2010, according to Allain, making it one of the largest such finds in Europe.

"And in a state of exceptional conservation", said Jean-François Tournepiche, curator of the Angouleme Museum, in an interview.

It was found in a thick layer of clay earlier this week.

It had said the cranium was found within the formation of the Hell's Creek, spanning Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

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