Pixel 4 Motion Sense and Face Unlock Just Confirmed By Google

Pixel 4 Motion Sense and Face Unlock Just Confirmed By Google”

The other major feature announced today for the Pixel 4 is Face unlock.

At a time when face recognition technology is in the thick of controversies, Google paid people $5 in exchange for a facial scan to build an accurate face unlock feature for the upcoming Pixel 4. Based on Soli, the project Google started over four years ago, Motion Sense will let you control basic functions on your Pixel 4 such as skipping songs, snoozing alarms and silencing phone calls just by waving your hands. No special user pose or phone positioning is required for Google's Face Unlock to operate properly and securely. Google calls this Motion Sense, although it will apparently only be available "in select Pixel countries", so expect the U.S. and other English-speaking countries to receive the feature at least a few months earlier than other countries. In case the software algorithms and unlock sensors recognize the user, the phone will open immediately as it is picked up, all in one motion.

With face unlocking capabilities, Google states, "unlocking your phone should be easy, fast, and secure".

Additionally, Google has said Face Unlock uses "facial recognition technology that is processed on your device, so that image data never leaves your phone". This wasn't the first report of Google paying people on the street for their face data, with several reports emerging last week.

But, no leaked Pixel 4 renders have depicted in-screen fingerprint scanners (hard as that would be), nor have rumors mentioned any.

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Google has also designed its authentication system to work at "almost any orientation".

At this rate, Google seems like it may just be running out of announcements to make before the Pixel 4 is fully revealed, likely in October. All these three components work together to allow you to unlock the Pixel 4 with your face.

Interestingly, Google has shared an x-ray shot of the Pixel top bezel, clearly showing the array of sensors users will have use of in the new devices later this year.

Google, Apple and other smartphone rivals typically launch new premium models ahead of the year-end holiday shopping season. After all, the company's face unlock system will be compared with that of the 2019 iPhone.

Google has already shared what the back of the Pixel 4 will look like.

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