Armenia's Byurakan observatory offers chance to view mind-blowing massive Perseids meteor shower

Armenia's Byurakan observatory offers chance to view mind-blowing massive Perseids meteor shower”

However, the pace of the falling meteors will sharply escalate over the next few weeks, reaching a high of between fifty to a hundred an hour, on August 11, 12, and 13, 2019.

On this occasion, the observatory - named after Armenian physicist Viktor Hambardzumian - will hold lectures for visitors titled "Dangerous Asteroids".

The Perseid Meteor Shower produces more fireballs than any other meteor shower.

The next full moon will be on 15 August, and just after that follows the Perseids meteor shower.

The Delta Aquariids and the Alpha Capricornids will produce 20 to 25 visible meteors per hours, according to Accuweather. When entering the Earth's atmosphere these fragments are strongly heated by friction and burn, which is accompanied by the lovely effect of "falling stars", during which it is customary to make a wish.

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The meteors can be traced to the Perseus constellation, from which they get their name, which will climb in the northeastern sky as the evening passes. This year the Perseids will appear in all its glory, because their appearance coincided with the new moon, and the Moon will not Eclipse them with his light. The meteor shower's consistently impressive performance can be attributed to the fact that our planet always passes close to the center of the debris stream, where the dust is the most dense.

The meteors themselves are traveling at 132,000 miles per hour, which creates their vivid streaks of light. Though the comet will not come by again until 2126, it has left behind plenty of fragments from its last visit in 1992. That's because it will take their eyes between 10 to 15 minutes to get accustomed to the dark skies and then as long, or even longer, to see a flashing meteor. This is usually faint meteors that lack as "star rain", and "balls of fire". Lie on your back and look straight up.

Your best chances at catching a glimpse of the incredible display is by getting as far away from light as possible and pray for no clouds.

And don't forget to grab your camera before you head out. Both showers should be visible across much of the country, as long as the skies cooperate.

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