Indian boy, seven, has 526 'TEETH' removed from his mouth

Indian boy, seven, has 526 'TEETH' removed from his mouth”

Dentists in India pulled more than 500 teeth from the mouth of a young boy.

The seven-year-old child's parents initially confused it for a symptom of tooth decay.

The boy's father, named only as Parbhu, told media Ravindranath's jaw started to swell when he was three.

A 7-year-old boy in India was brought to the dentist after his lower jaw began to swell over time, according to the New Indian Express.

Referring to a Mumbai case in 2014 in which 232 teeth were extracted from a teenage boy's mouth, Ramani said "This is the first such case in the world where 526 teeth were removed from a single site - right lower jaw".

The rare case was also the first of its kind for the Chennai doctors.

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The 7-year-old's jaw had been sore and swollen, so doctors took X-rays and CT scans, and that's when they found them. Following the surgery, which did not need jaw reconstruction, doctors retained Ravindran's normal teeth and said he would require two permanent molar implants after he turned 16 years. "Prior to this, the most number of teeth that we had seen was 26", Dr. Ramani said.

Speaking on the probable causes of the tumour, Doctors said, "It is usually believed that it is genetic, but the siblings of the boy do not have this condition. It took 5 hours of meticulous searching to remove all the minute teeth from the opened bag like specimen", reads the statement issued by the hospital.

Footage of the team dissecting the growth, which was identified as a compound composite odontoma, shows hundreds of tooth fragments ranging in size. The procedure, which required general anesthesia, took about an-hour-and-a-half.

Dr Pratibha Ramani, Professor and Head of Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, said, "Though the cause of the condition is not known, genetics could be one of the reasons. Even the smallest piece had a crown, root and an enamel coating like a tooth", she said.

The boy recovered from his surgery within three days and should be fine, according to doctors.

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