Ekaterina Karaglanova's Ex-Boyfriend Confesses to Murdering Her

Ekaterina Karaglanova's Ex-Boyfriend Confesses to Murdering Her”

Her body, which was in a suitcase in the hallway of her apartment, had multiple stab wounds. Gareyev allegedly said Karaglanova "repeatedly insulted me, humiliated my sexual dignity", and "minimised financial opportunities. And I could not stand it".

The body of a Russian Instagram model was found in her rented accommodation in Moscow.

Fox News reports that Russia's top law enforcement body released a video in which Maxim Gareyev admitted to stabbing Ekaterina "at least five times in the neck and chest".

Police said that there was no weapon found on the scene and that there did not appear to be signs of a struggle in Karaglanova's apartment, according to the Telegraph's report.

The video reportedly shows Gareyev admitting to the murder and saying that he would work with authorities.

Karaglanova recently started a new relationship with a "much older" man. Karaglanova had a vacation planned to The Netherlands with her new boyfriend to celebrate her birthday on July 30.

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Police have also got hold of a CCTV footage showing an alleged ex-boyfriend entering Ekaterina's building around the days of her disappearance.

Her body was discovered inside a suitcase by her landlord last Saturday after her parents became concerned that they could not contact her. Her last Instagram post was on July 22.

In court, Gareyevs lawyer said his client will be evaluated by a mental health expert.

The 24-year-old lived in an apartment on Pyryena Street in Moscow for several years, where she attended medical school before recently graduating in addition to running a personal travel blog.

The Russian influencer posted under the Instagram name katti_loves_life and had more than 150,000 followers.

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