Senate passes two-year budget deal, sending bill to Trump's desk

Senate passes two-year budget deal, sending bill to Trump's desk”

The 67-28 Senate vote came just before lawmakers left town for the August recess and follows a 284-149 House vote last week before that chamber left town for its summer break. Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul came out swinging on the bill Wednesday, saying it "marks the death of the Tea Party movement in America", according to Fox News.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that all senators should vote for the budget agreement, which arose through tough negotiations with congressional Democrat leaders such as House Speakers Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

'We knew any bipartisan agreement on funding levels would not appear flawless to either side. "This is the deal the House has passed". This is the deal President Trump is waiting and eager to sign into law. "This is the deal that every member of this body should support". The agreement offsets roughly $77 billion through moves like extending customs fees.

And it's called that because that is the only kind of spending that Congress really can change year to year.

But the GOP defectors have blasted the budget for adding $320 billion to current spending levels, a figure that contradicts their years of harping against deficits and debts.

Sen. John Kennedy, of Louisiana, said he would vote "no" because he's not comfortable with the spending increases.

'Budget Deal is phenomenal for our Great Military, our Vets, and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

McConnell discussed the confirmation of Kentuckian Kelly Knight Craft to be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, the Blackjewel LLC bankruptcy, and a Thursday morning gas line explosion in Lincoln County, KY.

Meanwhile, the statutory limit on Treasury Department borrowing would be suspended until at least July 31, 2021, in an attempt to erase any possibility of a default on debt through the November 2020 US election.

"There is always plenty of time to CUT!" he wrote on Twitter. Aides say he also has been making calls to on-the-fence GOP senators. There was concern in recent weeks over the lack of GOP support.

Many Senate Democrats, who are usually more likely to be OK with big spending, are expected to back the legislation. So discretionary spending has been going up and down, going up a little more here. "Two-thirds of our F/A-18. fighter jets couldn't fly" at the time Trump was inaugurated, he said.

In 2011, House Republicans refused to raise the debt ceiling without Congress addressing national debt, forcing President Obama to sign the Budget Control Act or risk a sequester.

"To the extent that my colleagues are anxious about what happened to defense spending in the last 10 years, there's only one explanation for that", Murphy said on the floor.

House Republicans weren't wild about the plan, either. Paul, which would cut spending and balance the budget; however, it failed to get the 60 votes necessary to pass.

Many of the Republicans who did not support the budget, including Paul, voted for Trump's tax cuts in 2017, which the Congressional Budget Office has projected will add almost $2 trillion to the deficit by 2028. Mnuchin has said the debt ceiling provision would allow him to employ accounting maneuvers to stave off default into late 2021. That would be a almost 4 percent boost over the current year for appropriators to parcel out as they get to work.

It would reverse scheduled 10 percent cuts to defense and nondefense programs next year, at a two-year cost of more than $200 billion. "The House Democratic caucus wants more spending for non-defense".

The bill was powered by a coalition of GOP defense hawks, Democrats seeking to preserve gains in domestic accounts, and the leaders of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees.

That process will kick into high gear during the August recess, culminating in a spree of markups during September.

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