Tenet Trailer Description: Teaser for Chris Nolan Film Playing in Theaters

Tenet Trailer Description: Teaser for Chris Nolan Film Playing in Theaters”

The first teaser of Christopher Nolan's Tenet debuted with the screening of Hobbs and Shaw. But Nolan has used the same approach - sharing a teaser a year ahead of release - for several of his previous films.

According to multiple reports online, the teaser opens with a shot of a bullet hole in glass.

True to the director's style, the first teaser gives nearly nothing away in terms of plot, but prominently featured star John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) throughout its brief runtime.

The 40-second teaser introduces John David Washington's character, with the words "TIME FOR A NEW KIND OF PROTAGONIST" and "TIME FOR A NEW KIND OF MISSION" blasted across the screen. Washington repeats the same action and touches the glass. The teaser then cuts between quick action shots, including what appears to be a masked swat team, before finally showing Washington's character, wearing an oxygen mask. This would also be supported by the alleged stylization of the film's title, as the last two letters are reversed and turned upside down. " Though the film takes some inspiration from the James Bond franchise, it's being speculated that there could be an element of time-travel, hinted at through the text and the circular, clock-like motion of the film's title, which was displayed briefly near the end". Nolan's filmography is filled with stories that play with time structures, be it "Memento" (half told in chronological order, half told backward), "Inception" (the dream-within-a-dream narrative), or "Dunkirk" (three separate stories all taking place at different moments in time). Whatever is happening in "Tenet", it appears it has something to do with a duality of time. The film also stars Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine, and is slated for a July, 2020 release.

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