Trump slams The Hunt movie where elites target 'deplorables'

Trump slams The Hunt movie where elites target 'deplorables'”

What they're doing, with the form of motion pictures they're placing out, it is truly very harmful for our nation. In the Context of the complex, they said, "What Hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country". They like to call themselves 'Elite, ' but they are not Elite. "Hollywood, I don't call them the elites".

"Hollywood is really bad", he said.

Trump's attack on Hollywood comes days after the president blamed video games for gun violence in a White House address. The trailer footage reportedly featured references to Donald Trump, with the wealthy hunters - one of whom is played by Glenn Howerton from "It's Always Sunny.' - referring to their quarry as "deplorables". You talk about racist?

Regarding The Hunt, described as a political satire, Universal has suspended marketing on the film in the wake of the recent mass shootings that killed almost three dozen people in Gilroy, CA, El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH. "If the internet is going to be presented as this egalitarian platform and most of Twitter is liberal cesspools of venom, then at least the president wants some fairness in the system", a White House official reportedly said.

Trump added, "The movie coming out is made in order to inflame and cause chaos".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trump is obsessed with using the term Hollywood when describing his enemies.

Trump said: "They treat conservatives, Republicans, totally different than they treat others".

President Donald Trump departing from the White House in Washington on August 9, 2019. "Treats Conversation very unfairly" On Twitter, he blasts the statement against the Hollywood.

The president, a frequent target for criticism from celebrities, said Hollywood is "very bad" for the U.S. and accused it of trying to "inflame and cause chaos". This is despite the fact that the El Paso shooter insisted he committed his atrocities because of the Hispanic "invasion" of Texas, a description that Trump used repeatedly throughout his campaign and since he was elected to become president.

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