Apple Opens Its Invite-Only Bug Bounty Program to All Researchers

Apple Opens Its Invite-Only Bug Bounty Program to All Researchers”

The program is open for researchers with a proven track record of making impactful security-oriented contributions, with the goal being to make it easier for experienced bug hunters to work on Apple's devices.

In its current form, the scope of Apple's Security Bounty is limited to vulnerabilities in iOS and is open only to researchers approved by the Cupertino company.

The announcement was made by Ivan Krstic, Head of security engineering and architecture at Apple, during the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas earlier this week. In a digital world where one skillful hacker can compromise the data of millions and cost the associated company in charge of that data billions, companies like Apple have always been heading this problem off at the pass by offering world-class hackers money upfront to point out flaws in operating systems and new devices that might not otherwise be caught by in-house designers. It's a fair compromise; it means Apple lets security researchers do their jobs with deeper access while keeping everyday users safe. This is for the disclosing and discovering the security flaws in tvOS, iCloud, watchOS, and macOS.

We've seen batteries improve by leaps and bounds in recent years, but even the best batteries wear out over time, and frugal owners know that replacing a battery in an otherwise-good phone is a smart move.

Apple is offering hackers up to $1 million to find vulnerabilities in their products.

Additionally, the tech giant also staked a 50 percent bonus for hackers who find vulnerabilities in its software before release. The handsets will come with ssh, a root shell, and advanced debug capabilities, all created to make it easier for security researchers to spot bugs.

According to fix specialists iFixit, the iPhones (XS, XR and XS Max) now show a "Service" message saying that the batteries need to be repaired, if they are not replaced by Apple. They are typically used internally to assess the security of sensitive internal components, such as the Secure Enclave Process responsible for encrypting data on the iPhone.

More importantly, however, for everybody else this is going to help to promote even more secure hardware and software coming out of Apple.

Another novelty for hackers looking for bugs in iOS is a platform specifically conceived for research purposes.

Apple raised the bounty from $200,000, and soon all researchers will get the chance to have a crack at the devices.

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