Contacts on iPhones vulnerable to hack attack

Contacts on iPhones vulnerable to hack attack”

"Luckily for us, SQLite databases are not signed", the report quoted the Check Point researchers as saying. On a walled-garden system like iOS, there are no unknown apps.

How were the researchers able to insert malicious code in Apple's closed iOS ecosystem?

But the real shocker is why the Contacts app vulnerability exists in the first place: it capitalises on a known bug which Apple has failed to fix for four years. These will be out next year and will only be given to a select few to stop these flaws being sold on to those offering more money than Apple. "However, SQLite usage is so versatile that we can actually still trigger it in many scenarios".

As an example, the researchers demonstrated a simple attack that simply crashed the Contacts app.

Essentially, Apple hadn't prioritised the bug because it was believed it could only be triggered by an unknown application with access to the database. Check Point's hack works on devices running iOS 8 through the beta versions of iOS 13. Last week it was announced in Las Vegas at the Black Rock cybersecurity conference the tech giant is giving these specialists the task of hacking into the iPhone to find security flaws and vulnerabilities.

Apple users have been warned that an iMessage security vulnerability has been discovered - this means that an attacker can read the files on a users iPhone without needing physical access to the device. All they needed was some tape, a pair of spectacles, and an unconscious or sleeping iPhone user. Google researchers shared the vulnerabilities with the iPhone maker, which fixed most of the flaws before they were made public.

Putting their security systems to the test, Apple are offering up $1 million (£830,000) to anyone that can successfully hack an iPhone.

The bug bounty program, which was previously invite-only, is also now available to any researchers that would like to participate, which should widen the number of people looking for those issues.

Apple started its bounty program three years ago and only focused on its mobile platform, until now. Apple's new bounties are now in the same range as some published prices from contractors.

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