Giant Asteroids To Pop Up Near Earth Tomorrow, NASA Keeps Watch

Giant Asteroids To Pop Up Near Earth Tomorrow, NASA Keeps Watch”

It will be travelling at a speed of 14,361mph (23,112kmph).

Any object that travels less than 150 million kilometers from Earth is considered as a passing object.

2000 QW7 revolves around the sun and crosses the Earth once every 20 years.

2019 QS will be making its debut close Earth approach at a distance of roughly 5.48 times the distance to the moon.

An enormous asteroid dubbed the "God of Chaos" will be racing dangerously close to our planet and now NASA is getting ready for it.

That's the case with the latest Near Earth Object (NEO) that's set to pass earth next month.

In keeping with NASA, no identified asteroid poses a big threat of affect with Earth over the following 100 years.

Since there are many hazardous objects like this one flying past the Earth all the time, NASA has always been preparing for planetary defence from asteroid strikes for years. There are more than 7 lakh asteroids out in the space that are known by the scientists. According to NASA's calculations, its diameter is 2,132 feet.

Two giant not too long ago found asteroids will move by Earth tomorrow, scientists at NASA's Centre for Close to-Earth Object Research (CNEOS) have mentioned.

'The impact odds as they stand now are less than one in a million, which makes us comfortable saying we can effectively rule out an Earth impact in 2036.

Even though we know about thousands of these "potentially hazardous" objects, at present, researchers are not aware of any that have a significant chance of colliding with our planet in the foreseeable future.

This classification is determined by how close the rock will fly to the earth.

Another slightly smaller asteroid, 2006 QV89, is set to pass Earth on September 27 having not been sighted for 13 years before July.

The world-famous asteroid Bennu has just a 1/2,700 chance of hitting the Earth between 2175 and 2195.

A land impact could obliterate an entire city while a plunge into the ocean could cause tsunamis that impact low-lying land.

The 370m wide space rock was discovered in June 2017. The asteroid was then also branded as "Earth-crossing".

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