Leaked Overwatch Switch Case Revives Hope For Nintendo Switch Port

Leaked Overwatch Switch Case Revives Hope For Nintendo Switch Port”

The major difference between the Nintendo Switch Lite and the original Nintendo Switch is that the Switch Lite is exclusively a handheld device.Therefore the Switch Lite is much more compact and lighter than its predecessor. There's not a ton to report back here other than yep, it's matted, and yes it feels great. At 5.5 inches, Switch Lite does have a smaller screen than that of the regular Switch and it is noticeable compared to the 6.2 inches that the regular Switch has.

The fact that the Joy-Con controllers are permanently attached helps the Nintendo Switch Lite feel more robust, despite weighing about.27 lbs less than the original Switch when it's in handheld mode. The thicc Switch is over, it's all about the Lite in 2019.

So could the could the game Overwatch be coming to the Switch?

As you can see in the above image, the Switch Lite is a handheld gaming peripheral. In the roughly three hours that I spent playing the Switch Lite, battery power was never a concern. The direction pad feels more natural for 2D platforming games like Super Mario Maker 2 than the Joy-Con buttons, which remain a frustration for Switch users who want to play side scrollers. By contrast, the Lite is considerably more portable and fitted snugly in my hands. That's not a massive increase but for players on the go or snug in their beds, it's a very welcome change and one of the few areas where the Lite flat out beats its chunkier brother.

Two of Switch Lite's stereo speaker ports have also been moved slightly from below the screen to the bottom of the system, though that didn't seem to have a major impact on sound quality or volume. While there's a traditional grey model, there are also bold yellow and turquoise versions.

One of my favourite things about the 3DS is how many different looks there are - I have one with a Lisa Frank-esque galaxy design - and the prospect of a more colourful console is exciting. The Switch Lite sidesteps both problems, and felt great when I was testing it in both positions. The ability to dock your Switch and play on a TV (I asked Nintendo and even if you ram your new Switch Lite into an old dock, all that will happen is it charges) HD rumble, a kickstand, and the IR motion camera. If reinvesting more money into the Switch eco-system is something you're OK with doing, and you won't miss docked mode, the Switch Lite is a fine piece of hardware. The Switch Lite will not feature the sensor technology that shipped with the JoyCons.

This is the sort of thing you give to your kid instead of having to share a family Switch, or else suggest to your girlfriend or boyfriend. It's a console you take to conventions or toss into your baggy pockets.

However, anyone thinking about picking up the Switch Lite needs to focus on the fact it is meant to focus on solo, portable play and the number of games which are compatible with the device is slightly less than the original Switch. To that end, I can see the Switch Lite excelling as a nifty and portable fun machine.

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