What time does Control release on Epic Games Store?

What time does Control release on Epic Games Store?”

Control marks a return to psychological thrillers for Remedy - is it also a return to form? Sadly, the company dropped its rhyming title scheme with Control. Control might just be Remedy's best work yet.

Strong attention has been paid to Control's world-building, with captivated reviewers considering the uncanny setting the highlight of the game.

Is there any Control at all? PC Gamer and Gamespot found Control's plot somewhat inaccessible and obscure at first, but considered that this was what it was aiming for. PlayStation fans have proven their love for single-player story drive game and Remedy aims to deliver. This is not the case with Control. That said, let's start our downfall trip through the rabbit hole. You can't sit still for too long or you're simply going to be wrecked. It's gorgeous, amazingly well-scripted, and you have a sense you're getting somewhere but feel lost at the same time. Jesse must play along as the Director if she hopes to unlock paths to her brother and find his whereabouts. There is a lockdown in the building as there's an entity called "The Hiss" wreaking havoc inside. This also makes for some thrilling action; you'll fight all kinds of odd creatures while utilizing an array of supernatural skills. The game slowly feeds you hints and reveals its plot in pretty unique ways.

The storytelling in Control can be described as watching Twin Peaks or The Twilight Zone. This is amplified and refined with Control. In many scenes, you would believe you're playing an interactive movie written by Christopher Nolan. Without giving away why or what that translates into, I really enjoyed how Remedy tied Jesse's personal story into the weirder corners of the Bureau through most of the journey. These short stories are found all around in the form of audio logs, notes, and files, all collectibles that serve a greater goal. If you are as enthusiastic as me, then you can grab your sidearm and enlist with the Federal Bureau of Control today over at the Epic Store, Xbox Store, and PlayStation Store. There is a certain amount of backtracking in the game, but you'll always go back to areas with newer abilities or higher clearance levels, so you can thoroughly explore them to your heart's content.

Control's gameplay fares better than its story, but that isn't saying much. You'll be desperate to learn what secrets Jesse is keeping, how her relationships evolve with the subcast and acquire each new ability which opens up the game in an even more exciting way. Jesse constantly narrates the most obvious thoughts, and Control's in-universe lingo is beyond cringeworthy-the overly frequent use of schlocky phrases like "The Hiss", "The Oldest House" and the painfully generic "Objects of Power" becomes grating after a while. Random missions are timed and require the player to travel to a location where a group of tough enemies has gathered to get rewards.

In addition to the service weapon, you also have a rather large collection of psychic powers, including hypnosis, levitation and telekinesis. You might be the newly appointed director of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC, for short), but Remedy's latest game isn't about feeling like you're on top of things. These mods can be attached to the gun as well as Jesse and give her a small buff to her stats depending on the item.

The charm of the place comes, in part, from Control's eclectic main cast. Upgrading abilities, guns, or adding modifiers to make your weapon or even yourself more powerful is an easy task with an intuitive interface. It feels like a natural evolution for Remedy. That last-minute fumble certainly didn't ruin Control for me, but Remedy lays such a solid foundation that I wished those final moments were as impactful as the rest of the story. Regardless of your opinion on the writing, Control's incredible, mysterious setting is reportedly a delight to explore. Their latest work stands as a career best, drawing ideas and a level of polish from past titles while belting out a unusual but absorbing tale. Everything is interconnected, and even though there are plenty of different environments, all feel cohesively together and harmonized. It's a frustrating way to slow your progress, and there were times - particularly one egregiously long battle toward the end of the game - where I nearly gave up on Control because I didn't want to replay the same fight for the dozenth time. Each corridor and room is filled with details that add up and work as individual pieces of a giant puzzle. Those who take their time reading the materials and investing heavily into exploring this world will benefit the most from it.

Loading times are also rough. Generally, combat involves figuring out the most risky foes and taking them out ASAP before you get overwhelmed. In the game, you will be trying to get to the bottom of an otherworldly threat. Sure, you can duck behind walls, but you won't stick to them like you might in say Quantum Break or Gears of War.

Sound mixing falls along with these same quality standards.

For starters, the way the game is presented with striking visual overlays that pop up over the action on the screen, furthering the narrative beyond simple words. This entire upgrade system is really easy to understand and entertaining to use. Many moments in the game are reminiscent of the ominous use of audio in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

Control is hard to quantify.

But, make up your own mind, because no matter what you think of the ending, a game like this is a glorious rarity. The narrative feeds you enough information to keep you theorizing and thinking about what might be happening. You craft at control points, sections set up by the FBC to control areas of the ever shifting government building. The closer you look, though, the weirder things get. In fairness, this is just the review build and as far as I'm aware, numerous issues I encountered will be ironed out by the time most people get to play, but let's just say my launch PS4 didn't cope well with the pressure.

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