Destiny 2 Seasons Getting Season Pass Like Fortnite's Battle Pass

Destiny 2 Seasons Getting Season Pass Like Fortnite's Battle Pass”

Year 3 of Destiny 2 will have four supported seasons of content, one more than last years' annual pass, but similar to the Fortnite model, you can now opt into seasons individually. For those who have families, full-time jobs, or just not enough time to commit to the game, Season Ranks is where players can earn experience in a variety of other ways. The new season pass will function a lot like battle pass which will cost you around $10.

We say extra rewards, because Bungie are also adding in two new "reward pursuits" within these Seasons.

Interestingly, undertaking specific tasks will not be required to advance either reward track. However, "unlike those other games, you'll make progress by earning XP doing the things you're already doing in Destiny" - so no daft challenges, like dancing between two ferns, or whatever. This is about a new additive layer of predictable rewards for just playing the game. They demonstrated this by outlining exactly what those who purchase the Season of the Undying season pass will receive.

To solve for how our community plays Destiny, we're planning to allow Season Ranks to be purchased as a catch-up mechanic late in the season.

For example, in our internal team tests, playing Strikes in a fairly relaxed manner (18 minutes per Strike play time) with full stacks of bounties can get a Seasonal Rank in less than one hour. "This initial version is our starting point, and the way we've designed Seasons moving forward means that we're going to be able to have the flexibility to tune how this works once we see how Season of the Undying goes".

Destiny 2 Adds Battle Pass-Like Progression System with Shadowkeep

During the Season, the world state will change in reaction to the collective efforts of the players within events that take place in that season. The top track will be the free track for all players, while the bottom track will be the premium track for players who have purchased that season. Eriana's Vow, a new Exotic hand cannon, will also be offered on the free track, but at rank 35, compared to the first rank on the premium track. If that's not happening, we have the freedom and ability to adjust. Best of all, the Seasonal Artifact is free for all players.

Which basically boils down to earning rewards for doing what you were going to do in Destiny 2 anyway. The Artifacts, and the mods attached to them, will most likely gear players towards being more efficient in seasonal activities, since they're season-specific.

One of the larger points within that wall was the introduction of a battle pass feature but before you lose your mind in cries of "monetisation", the feature is rather different to the battle passes we've become acquainted with in recent years.

"It's an evolution and an experiment, and hopefully what you've seen lately is that we're going to keep being agile and continuing to make the best decisions for the game along with you".

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