China's lunar rover finds unusual substance on the moon

Together, the teams chose to postpone Yutu-2's plans to continue west and instead ordered the rover to check out the odd material. As per the Yutu-2's "Drive Diary", the team instructed the rover to point its spectrometer, a device that can help in finding the composition of the material, towards the substance. Its Lunar rover Yutu-2 has found a gel-like substance with unusual colour, as per reports.

The Yutu-2 rover just powered back up for its ninth lunar day, so it'll be interesting if it can uncover any more clues about the unusual material, or if China's Moon explorer will leave us wondering.

Yutu 2 then returned to the crater where it first spotted the substance to observe its surroundings.

The drive team, excited by the discovery, called in their lunar scientists.

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VNIS is an instrument used to identify the makeup of a material by analyzing the light scattered or reflected off of it.

Day 8 started on July 25; Yutu-2 began navigating a path through an area littered with various small impact craters, with the help and planning of drivers at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center, according to a Yutu-2 "drive diary" published on August 17 by the government-sanctioned Chinese-language publication Our Space, which focuses on space and science communication. Day 8 began on July 25 and ended on July 28, according to a Yutu-2 "drive diary" published on August 17 by the Chinese-language publication Our Space. Since landing in January, it's snapped gorgeous views of the lunar surface and made one unexpected discovery. One possible explanation, outside researchers suggested, is that the substance is melt glass created from meteorites striking the surface of the moon. The Chinese moon rover recently spotted something weird, just three days into its two-week lunar day stint right before the science team at the Beijing Aerospace Control Centre were preparing to power it down for a "midday nap".

"Where [the Chang'e-4 mission team has] landed was once the site where a big asteroid crashed into the moon, buried itself deep inside and melted all that part of the moon, and presumably brought interior material up near the surface", Grant Christie, Auckland Astronomical Society president, told Newshub earlier this year.

On July 28, the Chang'e-4 team was preparing to power Yutu-2 down for a scheduled midday "nap" to protect the rover from the sun's scorching temperatures and brutal radiation.

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