IT Chapter Two Easter Egg In Fortnite Hints At Crossover Event

IT Chapter Two Easter Egg In Fortnite Hints At Crossover Event”

The Fortnite Darkfire Bundle will be available from 5 November.

As spotted by players earlier today, suspicious blood-red balloons have begun popping (pun intended) up in and around Pleasant Park. At the very least, however, some form of Limited-Time Mode with an accompanying assortment of special cosmetic items are undoubtedly on the cards.

Epic Games have been able to provide a number of crossover events with different television shows, movies, and video games like Stranger Things, Marvel's Avengers, and Borderlands.

In the IT universe, whenever a red balloon appears, it means that the evil clown is near.

While the Battle Royale portion is the bread and butter of Epic Games, they haven't forgotten about Save The World players!

There have been previous LTMs, like Score Royale, where players have had to run around the map to eliminate enemies and collect coins from their fallen loot.

Fortnite 2.34 Update Patch Notes  Nutcracker Thing

Fans can also expect new IT Chapter 2 rewards and shop items, like a Pennywise skin.

Just like the Borderlands event that's now underway it would make sense that weapon wraps, cosmetics and a player skin will be available to either earn or purchase from the store.

Despite the fact that this glitch has been brought well into the spotlight on Reddit, Epic Games have yet to respond or comment on it, and it hasn't been added to their community issues page.

Epic Games removed Fortnite's brand new Zapper Trap less than 24 hours after introducing it to the game.

This isn't the first news we've heard about a Fortnite X It crossover, either.

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