A lady assassin will lead the next 'John Wick' movie

A lady assassin will lead the next 'John Wick' movie”

Unity Phelan is in the credits of Parabellum under the character Ballerina, but I am not sure who will be the star of the spinoff.

The movie centres on a young female assassin who seeks revenge against the people who killed her family, reported Deadline.

This marks the second spin-off from the Keanu Reeves-led franchise - the first being the Starz television series The Continental - and it's on the fast track into production as Lionsgate looks to capitalize off of what a hot product John Wick has become. Additionally, a Starz series titled "The Continental", which takes place before the events of the "John Wick" movies, is in the works as well and will be released after "John Wick 4".

A female "John Wick" spin-off, titled "Ballerina", is now in the works at Lionsgate with "Underworld" filmmaker Lens Wiseman set to develop and direct the feature.

John Wick 4 is set to be released on May 21 2021, after the success of the most recent film in the series, which had an enormous USA box office opening of $56.8 million (£44.6m), knocking Avengers: Endgame off the top spot. However, it's revealed in Parabellum that Wick was born Jardani Jovonovich, a Ruska Roma Belarusian orphan who was brought to the United States and trained by the Director.

The director will be Len Wiseman [Underworld, Die Hard 4.0], a fairly average director really, but at least we know he'll keep the action easy to follow just like his predecessors.

Ballerina will be directed by Len Wiseman, who is best known for launching another female-driven action franchise - the vampire and werewolf action series Underworld, starring Kate Beckinsale.

Wiseman is repped by CAA, Hatten by Lee Stobby Entertainment.

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