Dad says Canadian rapper Drake ‘exaggerated’ strained relationship to sell records

Dad says Canadian rapper Drake ‘exaggerated’ strained relationship to sell records”

According to a report from Page Six, Drake recently responded to the claim from Dennis Graham, his father.

The 32-year-old rapper took to his Instagram page today to say that his father would say anything to anybody who's willing to listen. "And we really got into a deep conservation about that". Nick said that he was "intrigued" by what is going on because his own father "wasn't there the entire time".

Drake has documented their strained relationship in the past on songs including 2013's "From Time". "I always been with Drake", Dennis responded. It's sad when family gets like this but what can we really do? I said, "Drake, why are you saying all of this different stuff about me? This is not cool.' And he goes 'Dad, it sells records'". "Okay, well [we're] cool", he continued as Nick laughed and said, "I wish my dad was that understanding!"

Graham also claimed Drake admitted to fabricating lines about his dad back in June on the ItsTheReal podcast.

On Twitter, the chatter regarding Dennis Graham saying Drake was lying about his father being absent for clout has been going strong since the news broke. Some people sided with Drake, with one person noting that there was "no way" Graham could have been fully present, given that he lived in Memphis, Tennessee while Drake stayed with his mother in Canada. Drake is yet to comment about Dennis Graham's comments which are sure to not go down so well with certain fans. Between ages 1-5. His father wasn't in his life during his pre teen/teenage years.

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