Joker director finally explains that last crucial scene

Joker director finally explains that last crucial scene”

"'You wouldn't get it.' There's a lot going on in there that's interesting".

He explains how Joaquin Phoenix managed to squeeze out that one singular tear while Arthur Fleck is staring in the mirror, trying to teach himself how to smile.

According to Box Office Mojo, "Joker" has topped the previous $80.25 million opening record of the 2018 movie "Venom". Well, perhaps because in the end, the joke is on us, the audience. Near the end of the movie, when the police is taking Arthur Fleck AKA Joker away in a police auto, he looks outside and sees people rioting in the streets, inspired by his call to bring down Gotham's one percent through violent means. "So anytime we move the's meant to give off this unsettling vibe of this guy".

Seeing the violence and destruction he caused, a blissful smile appears on Arthur's face and he leans into the window of the auto to have as good a view of the carnage as possible.

Rated R for its "strong bloody violence, disturbing behaviour, language, and brief sexual images", the film is a "character study" of Arthur Fleck, a mentally unstable loner whose health begins to decline after Gotham slashes funding for social services, forcing him to abandon his therapy sessions, making his medications inaccessible and turn into The Joker.

Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is off to a superhero-sized start at the box office.

If you liked this video on whether Joker is set in the DC Extended Universe, check out some more of our videos below, including our video on the ending of Joker, our video on all the Easter eggs in the film, and our examination of the controversial plot element about the Joker and his possible biological relationship to another character in the movie. "There's a grace to Arthur", Phillips says. This scene is very similar to the moment in The Dark Knight where Ledger's Joker makes his escape from the police station in a police auto and pushes his head out of the window in ecstasy at having made his escape while leaving the station in ashes behind him.

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