Nasa unveils spacesuits to be worn by first woman on the moon

Nasa unveils spacesuits to be worn by first woman on the moon”

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, left, speaks during a demonstration of two NASA spacesuit prototypes for lunar exploration, on Tuesday.

The new suit could be worn by astronauts during NASA's return trip to the moon, which is now planned for 2024.

Two NASA engineers modeled the new suits at the agency's headquarter in Washington, DC.

The spacesuit designed for exploring the Moon's surface is called the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU), and the one for launch and re-entry aboard NASA's Orion spacecraft is known as the Orion Crew Survival System, Xinhua reported.

Amy Ross, spacesuit engineer for NASA, said that unlike the Apollo-era spacesuits, astronauts in the xEMU spacesuit will have increased hand dexterity, be able to lift up their arms, bend down to pick up objects and twist their bodies from side to side. They bunny hopped on the surface of the moon.

Kristine Davis, a spacesuit engineer at the Jonson Space Center, demonstrated this suit. It allows for much greater mobility as well as dexterity, to allow astronauts to pick up rocks easily.

Since well before the Space Shuttle program wrapped up in 2011, NASA has been an agency in search of a mission. In 1989, President George H.W. Bush first proposed a return to the moon "to stay" and ultimately, missions to Mars.

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The Japanese government has decided that the country will join NASA's program to colonize the moon, which moves the landing to the lunar surface in 2024, the Kyodo news agency said.

"Ultimately the goal is this: we're going to Mars", NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said. "And, in order to do that friends, we need spacesuits".

Boeing past year delivered the propulsion system that will give the Orion the ability to travel thousands of miles beyond the moon and back on the first unmanned mission using the SLS.

NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will lead the first all-female spacewalk on either Thursday or Friday, after the planned excursion to install new batteries on the International Space Station was pre-poned from October 21 due to a failure on one of the ISS's power modules.

For fans of deep space exploration who felt like these plans fell off the radar after the 1980s, this new reporting gives weight to the idea that humans are going back to the moon sooner rather than later.

The xEMU suit improves on the suits previously worn during the Apollo era and those now worn during spacewalks outside the International Space Station.

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