Google launches new wireless Pixel Buds

Google launches new wireless Pixel Buds”

When Google announced their Pixel Buds a couple of years ago, it wasn't really what people expected with their wireless headphones. By all accounts they sucked, and frankly didn't even fit very well, but now it seems Google has learned from that with the launch of the wireless Pixel Buds. The last version of Pixel Buds were tethered to a wire, but this version of the product will be the company's first truly wireless ear bud to hit the market. Talking about the battery life, we see that the earbuds have a 7 hour battery life which can be extended to 24 hours using the case.

Pixel Buds have Google Assistant Integration so Google Assistant pops up when you simply say "Hey Google". Google claims that they will work up to three rooms away when indoors, and across the length of an entire football field when outside.

The new Pixel Buds look somewhat similar to the original but they abandon the threaded design for a more conventional true wireless form-factor.

Since these weren't working units, it's hard to tell anything else about the new Buds.

With the Pixel Buds, it can detect the noise level of the environment that you're in, and adjust the phone volume accordingly. Plus, you get instant access to Google Assistant so that's always a plus.

The Pixel Buds come in four color options: Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black.

With - hang on we need to check the list - Apple, Samsung and Huawei all having announced new smartphones, it's now Google's turn. Not unless Google has a sudden change of heart.

The all-new Pixel Buds, announced at Made by Google today, are Google's true wireless earbuds, created to integrate seamlessly with Google Assistant and other Google services.

"When it is time to speak rather than listen, Pixel Buds be sure that the sound of your voice will be at the forefront". Either way, the Pixel Buds 2 will sell for $179 in 2020.

In terms of audio, the only information Osterloh offered is that the new Pixel Buds have "excellent sound quality" - hopefully we'll get more information about the audio tech in the new Pixel Buds shortly.

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