Dutch police arrest ‘father’ in farmhouse cult case

Dutch police arrest ‘father’ in farmhouse cult case”

The Unification Church was founded in 1954 by South Korean pastor Sun Myung Moon, a self-proclaimed messiah who believed he was chosen by Jesus to continue his work bringing peace to the world.

Van de Kamp Soer added that Brunner, the handyman who was arrested, also lived in their neighbourhood at the time.

Carpenter Josef B., 58, has been charged with abuse over the stunning case, with the father of the family also charged. He was charged with removing the liberty of individuals and prejudicing the health of others, the paper reported Thursday.

"We are dealing with an exceptional situation in this case".

"These people may have lived in the house with each other, separated from society, since 2010".

Police told reporters the family was held in small, makeshift rooms and some of the alleged victims were led to believe they were the only people on Earth. "The situation discovered requires a careful approach ... various experts have been engaged", police said.

The family discovered living mostly isolated from the outside world on a farm in the Netherlands for almost a decade may have been associated with the South Korean-based Unification Church, also known as "Moonies", Dutch media reported Thursday.

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Residents of the town were in shock, telling reporters that they had only ever seen a man at the property and were unaware of the family.

The father of the family reportedly had a cerebral infection three years ago that left him paralyzed, which allowed the family to keep receiving money from the organization. But it is thought Gerrit Jan van D moved to a sister group in Germany before marrying the children's mother and returning to the Netherlands. According to brother Franz Brunner, Josef was estranged from the rest of his family for years. The family left not long after. Some of the doors on the buildings are covered with overgrown greenery. "So I tried to speak to him, didn't get enough info about him, so I asked him to call the cops, the police, so we can help him further". "I could never have imagined that he had another home and six people were in there".

Van Dorsten was found in medical distress on Monday after the eldest of his six children, aged 18 to 25, ventured into the nearby village of Ruinerwold and shared his family's tale of apocalyptic isolation. His Facebook profile became active again in June, when Jan posted he was working as an online store manager.

He went on to post image of nature and promote causes including climate strikes. Articles appear on for a limited time. The young man's four siblings and father were found in a room hidden behind a staircase in the house, Metro reported.

Ruinerwold Mayor Roger de Groot spoke to the media Tuesday, saying he had "never experienced anything like this".

Geert "was briefly a member of our movement in the mid-1980's" before leaving the organization in 1987, the FFWPU said. His brother is still a member of the Unification Church, the church said.

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