Ford announces biggest electric vehicle charging network in North America

Ford announces biggest electric vehicle charging network in North America”

In an announcement made on Thursday (October 17), Ford said it partnered with both Electrify America and Amazon to provide future EV buyers all the charging solutions they need.

Ford has put together what it says is the biggest network for charging electric vehicles in North America.

Ford says drivers will be able to charge at one of over 35,000 outlets, including some fast-charging, and that power will be free for the first two years, and pay-as-you-go after that.

For the past 5 years, U.S. automakers have been standing around with their hands in their pockets waiting for someone, anyone, to construct charging networks for the electric cars they may have to build one day. "The FordPass app will provide real time location and charger status data to Ford EV drivers for Electrify America's network of ultra-fast EV public chargers across highway and metro charging stations planned in 45 states and the District of Columbia". "The fact that most of our customers will plug in at home is a key advantage to an all-electric vehicle", he says.

"We will deliver a charging experience that is hassle-free whether you're at home or on-the-go".

Since fuel is what drives vehicles and since electric cars can only go so far on a single charge, the availability of charging stations becomes very important.

The app will also interface with the company's new at-home, 48-amp Ford Connected Charge station, as well as the Ford Mobile Charger, which will be included with the purchase of a Ford EV for no extra charge.

The network approach sounds like a really good idea, especially if traditional automakers (competitors) agree to collaborate on charging stations.

The FordPass Charging Network will consist of stations from multiple charging providers, including Greenlots and Electrify America, allowing Ford customers to find stations and pay to charge up their vehicles via the infotainment screen, rather than having to set up separate accounts with each charging provider.

The vehicle will also come with a mobile charging cable that can be used with 120-volt and 240-volt home outlets, providing 3 miles and 22 miles worth of power per hour, respectively.

The network will give Ford auto owners access to fast charging station sites that will be set up by Volkswagen's Electrify America. Now all that remains is to get some of them on the road!

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