Barnier Says Brexit Deal Still Possible

Barnier Says Brexit Deal Still Possible”

A senior European diplomat said the negotiators had begun to transcribe the British offer into a legal text that could eventually go before the 28 EU national leaders at their European Council summit on Thursday.

British and European Union negotiators worked in Brussels until 2:30 a.m. (London time) on Wednesday and they resumed talks on Wednesday morning, according to the reports.

According to the BBC reports, Barnier was due to brief EU ambassadors on Wednesday, after a possible European Commissioners meeting, meaning a new deal could get the "green light" from Brussels.

"But Mrs Foster tweeted: "'EU sources' are talking nonsense. We think the best way of doing that is with a deal, to leave in a smooth and orderly way.

But he warned there are still numerous hurdles in the way, after speaking with Mr Johnson and the European Commission on Wednesday morning. "There is a pathway to a possible deal but there are many issues that still need to be resolved", he said. "Although time is running short, I am confident that [Ireland's] objectives can be met".

Mr Barclay confirmed that the Government "will abide by" what is set out in that letter, following fears the PM could try to scupper an extension with a second contradictory letter or request to a member state to block an extension.

Johnson is eager to strike a deal at an European Union summit starting Thursday that will allow for the leave the bloc in good order on the scheduled date of October 31, fulfilling his promise to get Brexit done, come what may.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he is "deeply concerned" about the negotiations and ruled out his party backing a deal under Mr Johnson's reported terms.

In the mean time, be wary of more potential headline risks that could swing the pound all over the place in trading today.

"The teams worked into the night and continue to make progress". Since the weekend, negotiators have been locked in long sessions on how to deal with detailed customs, value-added tax and regulatory issues under British proposals to keep goods and people flowing freely across the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Pro-Brexit Conservative lawmaker David Davis said success rests on the stance of the DUP.

Another of the Tories who voted against May's deal told the Guardian that he would be reassured if the DUP backed the prime minister but could end up voting for it regardless.

Pressure to sign off on a draft agreement is peaking.

But the agreement will likely leave many questions about the future unanswered, and Britain's departure is sure to be followed by years of negotiations on trade and other issues.

Their approval would allow Mr Johnson to put the deal to MPs in a proposed extraordinary sitting of Parliament on Saturday. The government will have to table a motion in parliament by Wednesday if it wants to convene MPs for a Saturday sitting to debate any agreement.

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