White House OSTP Hails Quantum Computing Breakthrough, Fed Support

White House OSTP Hails Quantum Computing Breakthrough, Fed Support”

Google says it has built a computer that is capable of solving problems that classical computers practically can not.

Pichai called the success of Sycamore the "hello world" moment of quantum computing.

We all know Google is trying hard on quantum computing, and as we all know this technology has existed for 30 years.

Google disclosed that the company considers its self developed 54 qubit machine, Sycamore as a benchmark to measure future quantum-computing experiments.

IBM recently unveiled its quantum computer with 53 qubits.A quantum computer can solve complex problems that would otherwise take billions of years for today's computers to solve.

Separately, a report in at least one science journal notes that IBM is rebutting Google's claims about the speed at which IBM's Summit supercomputer can perform the same task.

Google announced that it has got a hold on Quantum Supremacy. The corporate is racing rivals along with IBM Corp and Microsoft Corp to be the first to commercialize the technology and promote it through its cloud computing business.

IBM said that a supercomputer employing a different set-up could solve the same challenge in under three days, while chipmaker Intel said "quantum practicality" remained years away. 'The United States has taken a great leap forward in quantum computing, ' said USA chief technology officer Michael Kratsios on Wednesday.

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Google kicked off considerable discussion last month when a paper claiming its in-house quantum computing processor - which uses qubits, capable of representing a continuum between 0 and 1, rather than binary bits - had achieved quantum supremacy was accidentally leaked prior to its official publication. This property, known as superposition, means a quantum computer, made up of several qubits, can crunch an enormous number of potential outcomes simultaneously.

"This demonstration of quantum supremacy over today's leading classical algorithms on the world's leading supercomputers is truly a remarkable achievement", William Oliver, a computer researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wrote in a comment piece on the discovery.

As engineers increase the number of qubits in a quantum computer, its processing power grows exponentially.

They then had the quantum computer detect patterns in a series of seemingly random numbers, and it succeeded in 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

According to OSTP, the claim from Google "has proven the scientific theory of quantum supremacy, demonstrating that a quantum computer can perform tasks that reach beyond the capabilities of classical computers". He says Google's work here has been eliminating errors.

Set up at the beginning of 2018, Quantum bills itself as the first publicly-traded pure-play quantum computing company.

"The more interesting milestone will be a useful application", said Chris Monroe, a University of Maryland physicist who is also the founder of quantum startup IonQ.

Researchers also have expressed concern about quantum computers being used, for example, to unseal secure data and passwords or enable new forms of surveillance.

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