Gamer Jarvis Kaye Banned From Fornite For Life Over Aimbot Cheat

Gamer Jarvis Kaye Banned From Fornite For Life Over Aimbot Cheat”

Some players participating in the Fortnite World Cup 2019 were caught cheating and were ultimately banned by Epic Games. "Then Jarvis does something little for fun for content for his channel and he gets perma banned". All I was thinking about while making those videos is how entertaining and like interesting these videos would be for you guys to watch.

Jarvis explained in a video called' I was suspended from Fortnite ' that for what he did he could never even imagine a ban was possible.

Jarvis announced via the standard medium of the disgraced YouTuber: an apology video for the fans. In a statement obtained by TMZ Sports, whether or not Jarvis is sorry, he engaged in cheating and Epic had no leeway for it.

Nonetheless, we must agree that a content creator using cheats and showing videos of his actions is a way to attract others to use the software, meaning more players will ruin others' gaming experience, irrespective if it's in competitive modes or not. Also, while cheating in esports is damaging, aimbots and similar game hacks sour the game for many more people.

Despite Epic's heavy-handed judgement, there's question to whether or not it's consistent going back to the XXiF and Ronaldo debacle at the Fortnite World Cup. Aimbotting has been a big problem in many video games, including Fortnite. While the winnings went to players that didn't cheat, there were at least a handful of cases in which players were found to be engaging in less-than-honorable practices during the high-profile event. This led to the termination of its 14-day suspension from the playoffs and the Fortnite World Cup, but at the same time still could play in the Duos Playoffs. Even after adopting strict policies and anticheat measures it becomes hard for gamedevelopers to keep games cheat free.

A large amount of the community has spoken up about the lifetime ban of FaZe Jarvis and how it is unjustified.

Many suggest that Jarvis' lifetime ban is unfair considering the much less severe effect the Fortnite World Cup cheating players faced in a much more serious environment. "Riding on the hashtag of "#FreeJarvis", many in the Fortnite community have argued over whether or not Jarvis's punishment was too much. Is Epic's decision correct?

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